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About Us

Bravo Viaggi was founded in 1984 by Francesco and Paolo Ferrini.
Francesco started working as a travel agent long before, in 1947. At that time there were every few travel agencies and Francesco was one of the pioneers invited to discover the wonders of our planet, after the end of WWII.
Travel agents then were discussing in depth how best satisfy the needs for their customers. After venturing for over three million miles, in a path that led him to visit 65 countries on five continents, the decision was made to open in 1983 his own company , helped by his son who held the same passion. The decision would demand a drive for excellence. For this the company was named “Bravo Viaggi”. “ Bravo” is a term known throughout the world. It represents an idea of merit and high quality.
Paolo began to travel when he was barely eight years old. Graduated in Political Sciences from the University of Rome he has escorted groups in 54 different countries and personally met over twenty thousand customers from the United States in the last thirty years. His experience is unique and is one of the reasons of the success of Bravo Viaggi.
At Bravo Viaggi, we strive to change your idea of travel. The unique knowledge provided by being in the travel the industry for more than half a century is at your service!
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